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Dear Parents and Students
I am delighted to welcome you to the Barstow School of Shanghai. How exciting it feels to be opening a new school! I hope you feel excited about all the news possibilities, as well.
Language will, no doubt, be the universal challenge for all of us, but I know that each of you will look back on the struggle and be grateful and glad for the work. Everyone will become a better English speaker, along with becoming a better mathematician, a better scientist, and a better reader and writer.
Please trust that all of this will happen in an environment that is supportive and safe. As educators, it is easy to promise that hard work and creativity will be rewarded. What makes our jobs at Barstow even more rewarding is that we are expected to build a community in which risks taken and mistakes made are also respected. We don’t ask students to just produce the right answer. We allow them to learn by experiencing situations in which they are allowed to fail and be instructed by the process.
Please call and schedule your personal meeting so we can answer any questions from you and share any suggestions with you.
Shane Foster

The Barstow School